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There are many companies who make great claims about working on Hydrovanes - but there is only one real master - Compressorman. Our pedigree and reputation is impeccable.

The owner and principal has over 40 years experience of working on these compressor and has a full working knowledge of every model ever built.

Compressorman has sold and worked on thousands of Hydrovanes over the years and has a vast range of Hydrovane customers all over the UK.

A not so well know fact is that we know have a full re-manufacturing facility on site in Derbyshire, where we can revitalise your used machine back to as new standards again.

We are the only known company in the UK who has a full machining facility where we can re-grind the rotor and vane assy, plus re-grind the stator assy to create a fully overhauled RSU which is the heart of the compressor.

We can supply either just components, sub assys or a complete airend on either an exchange basis - or if you prefer we will re-work your airend to as new. Every airend is fully bench tested and comes with a full waranty equal to or better than the original manufacturer.

Most models are covered and we can re-manufacture parts which are no longer available through normal channels. So you now have an option to give your Hydrovane a new lease of life and can go forward with confidence. Call us and talk to an engineer who will have the answer.


The name for Retro Hydrovanes 

We have taken over where others left off and, due to a steady demand, have created a workshop where older Hydrovanes can be rebuilt or re-manufactured to any standard that you require. We can even replicate new machines and offer a much better waranty than was offered when they were new.

"Retrovane" - RV23 Brand New

At present we have a New Old Stock Hydrovane 23 - probably the last one in the World - Although we thought that last time - Every now and then one will surface from a dusty storeroom  somewhere. This one is being stripped and rebuilt by Compressorman himself and will have  new motor, switchgear etc etc - it will be as new as you can get. Price will be dependant on finished spec - watch this space.

The airend has now been stripped and inspected and as you would expect for a new unused unit was as new and had no damage or wear - As a precaution all seals, O rings and shims etc have been replaced with new and the unit has been rebuilt by Compressorman with some of his own mods and tweaks and at the moment is about to go on the test rig to ensure that all is to his satisfaction - then it will have a fresh coat of paint and the assy of the complete machine will begin.

This particular unit will have our new Vanguard 240 volt Single Phase Conversion Motor Kit fitted and can then be used in home workshops or anywhere that 3 phase is not available - It will also be retrofitted with our own design control system that will allow the machine to run auto stop start or constant run as required.

The assy will be mounted on a new 270ltrs horizontal air receiver complete with autodrain to ensure there is minimal moisture in the tank.

If requested the unit can also be fitted with a new Refigerant Dryer and Filter Pack to ensure the dryest and cleanest of compressed air.

The completed unit will be available with an on-site service contract and up to 5 years warranty - subject to a service by us. That is 5 times longer than the original manufacturers warranty when the machine was manufactured - they still only give 12 months on current Horizontal models.

So you can safely assume that this machine will far exceed normal expectations and give many years of sterling service. Please enquire about variations of finished specs and prices.

Call  07904 -  471183 and speak direct with the Engineer who is building it.

Call:  07904 471183
e-mail:   e-mail compressorman
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