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This section is fairly obvious - should it be a new or used air compressor?

The answer may not be as obvious as you think depending on what you need and expect from your compressor.

Compressorman sells  All Air-Zone Screw and Piston Compressors and most makes of used air compressors.

Many people in the trade have realised that some of the lesser brands of manufacturers machines available are not all they seem. That's why we sell only the makes that we consider reputable and get full support with.

Interestingly, we have chosen to no longer sell new Hydrovane Compressors but now have our own range of remanufactured Hydrovanes with the option of a better warranty than a new one. We will continue to service and support all and any Hydrovanes you wish.

Because of price competition, some manufacturers have got too competitive on price for your good. Many compressors are now only just what they say and no more, there are no free add-on's or free safety margins, but a lot more plastic and fresh air in the cabinets, everywhere they have looked to save money and that's not good for you the customer. You end up with a light weight machine which just about does what it says and no more and definitely will not grow old - it will be U.S. long before that.

So you get an air compressor which is cheap and a supposed bargain - yes or no?

That's not to say you can't get a genuine good deal

I know that most of the main air compressor manufacturers are offering genuine good deals on the right machines, of that there is no doubt - but they wont be cheap loss making deals for them - they will be the correct deal at the correct price - that's business.

The good old days

In the late 1960's early 70's when Compressorman entered the trade there were none of these problems. Air compressors were designed, improved, built and costed last. The customer ended up with a real quality machine, built to last at a proper price, no clever sales, no fancy tricks - just the right product at the right price.

Things went along like this in the 70's, 80's into the 90's and at this point things started to get a bit difficult and competitive and so new selling methods came to the fore and we ended up where we are today. Some say in a bit of a mess.

So back to the start - New or not so New?

Compressorman has decided that they will now only sell The Airzone Brand - contact us for a good deal - We have sold most of the rest and for one reason or another were not too impressed.

 What about Discounting?

Now then - this is a prickly thorn.

We all want a bargain and we all want to buy at the best price - but the cheapest price is never really the cheapest. When you add on all the extras like delivery, installation, dryers, filters, certification etc etc - it will look very different - and the aftersales service is usually rubbish.

Also you need to consider the business model and operational practices of discount operations.

We hear and see many horror stories about discount dealers and what happens when there is a problem.

What do you hope for in a Discounter?

In our imagination most of us would thinks of a large, modern, slick operation with a warehouse full of new machines - ready to sell to us at a huge discount and an aftersales service second to non, with a team of service engineers  the size of British Gas, the AA or RAC ready to dash to our help if needed.

Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it's not like that at all, in fact in most cases its just the opposite - big style.

The Facts

Most discounters are often quite small outfits who make all sorts of Huge Claims and then can't back them up if there is a problem.

The most common claim they make is that they can offer exactly the same (if not more) for a lot less and that their aftersales is the best in the land.

Usually they fail in most areas - the machines are often old models - old stock - not as new as you think. The price is then discounted against the current machines price and so seems good.

The urgency is to shift the boxes and sell the stock as fast as possible as it will soon need to be paid for and if there is a problem then there is no more supply to sell. So they will try and sell anything to anyone to meet the targets needed.

If that's not bad enough, they usually pay little attention to your actual needs. If you tell them you know what you want that's what they will advise - If you don't know they will advise whatever is in stock that day and on it goes.

The main area of concern is the discounters aftercare service - this is an expensive item and you haven't paid for any - so guess what - you won't get any.

Aftersales Costs

The easiest way to keep aftersales costs down is not to have any problems and one of the easiest ways to do that is to play a straight game. If you try and cut corners and cheat then you will be inundated with problems - that will stop you selling and if you are a discounter that will be a disaster.

So you can see the problems that can and will arise from using a discounter.


We will sell at a discounted price without any problem, but we will not sell at a price that compromises the service that we need to provide to you. Follow our advice and your troubles are over.

Final word on discount suppliers;

Don't Do It!

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