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We have 1 off 7kw screw and 1off 11kw screw compressors at greatly reduced prices of list - Give us a call

We sell only the best Compressors!

When it comes to compressors there is no doubt that, budget permitting, "New is Best". But that is assuming you buy a quality make - if you buy a cheap unknown make you will end up regretting it.

After a recent policy change at Compressorman we now sell all our machines under the Air-Zone banner.

Air-Zone is the trade name of all Compressorman products and will include many modifications and addittions to otherwise standard equipment. In our opinion this gives a bespoke machine and may well suit you needs and application better.

Our screw compressors are specialy made for us and are heavy duty, we dont bother with any of the cheaper brands - preffering to sell a top machine at a sensible price. We dont need the hassle that the lesser brand names bring with them.     

Our choice of Quality Piston Compressor is of truly British Manufacture and can not be beaten on quality and long life and they are slow running as well.

Between these top quality machines we can supply you anything from a small piston compressor for light use through to a piston compressor for light industrial use, to a screw compressor for garage or serious industrial application.

Refrigerant Dryers and Desiccant Filters are normally kept in stock at best prices and can be on site next day. If you need clean dry air you need one of these.

Air-Zone Screw Compressors have standard 2 years warranty which can be extended to 5 years subject to a maintenance contract

Air-Zone Light Industrial Pistons have a 12 month warranty

Air-Zone Heavy Industrial Pistons have a 3 year warranty

As a man who mends machines all day every day, I see it all and if I was spending my money on a compressor it would be new everytime.

Call me for further information;

Call:  07904 471183
e-mail:   e-mail compressorman
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